Paper Lanterns

FILM; Paper Lanterns
director; Barry Frechette

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12 American POW were also killed by A-Bomb in Hiroshima on 6/Aug. 1945. US gov. never informed their horrible fate to their loves ones until 1983.
The other hand, one Japanese A-Bomb survivor has been researched about 12 American POW for forty years. Finally names of these 12 are now included in the Hiroshima Peace Museum. His name is Shigeaki MORI who hugged Mr. President in Hiroshima…

The New York Times “Hiroshima Survivor Cries, and Obama Gives Him a Hug”



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クラオタ歴30数年。 香港在住。 クラシック音楽や映画などについて、日本語紙に時々寄稿しています。